Blue, BLue, Blue

Any day I get the opportunity to go outdoors and have a look-see, I check on nest box #15 on the east side of Sham’s Paddock. It’s the only box where I’ve seen Bluebird action this Spring. I’m curious about when they may make the decision to settle down and start a nest.

I took these photos a couple of days ago of this incredibly blue bird. He is quite handsome – his colors are deep and rich and scream “I’m a great catch!” I even think I saw him flash his good looks a couple times when trying to lure in his mate to join him. From a position atop the box, he flew straight upwards and twisted just so that the late afternoon sun would catch his brilliance and flash his invitation. The next day I saw him do a similar maneuver from the branch of a tree that sits about fifteen feet from the box. My human-mind impression made me feel that he was getting a bit impatient that his gal wasn’t coming to his song. In response he flashed his colors in a way of saying, “Come on, Babe, let’s get going!”

Here are a few additional images that I took the day prior to the ones above.

2 Comments on “Blue, BLue, Blue

  1. Wow – you captured some great shot of this bluebird. He is gorgeous. We have several pairs checking our boxes out. I love trying to capture pictures of them.

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