A Week of Images

I’ve been busy with normal stuff, but I’ve also had time to go out around the property to see what’s happening. Yet, I just checked and my last blog post was April 8. That’s almost a week ago. I have beautiful things to share, so I’m just going to get right to it.

Here are highlights from my excursion on April 11, 2021.

These are the Bluebirds that are making a nest in Box #15. They appear to be committed to this box and they are either building a nest, or she’s done with that chore, and will be incubating eggs soon! I’m not someone who likes to intervene much, so I will probably not open the box to check for progress until I’m pretty sure she is sitting on her clutch.

This next set of photos is of a second female Bluebird that I captured very late in the day (subtle, sunset lighting.) She was sitting on the fence of my office yard as I was returning home. She entered box #1 (which is located over 1000 feet from Box #15.) Box #1 has been used by Bluebirds for the past three years – and because it’s just outside my office, I can sit on the patio and observe them quite frequently. I’m so happy to know there’s another Bluebird couple back in the area! I will watch the box for more activity.

There is a pair of Blue-winged Teal that I see on our pond nearly every day. On this particular day, there were three additional males visiting. I hadn’t thought about it, but I had never seen the “blue wing” that gives this bird its name until I captured this image. That’s a pretty small feather to dominate the description of a bird! Perhaps one day I will be fortunate enough to film a bird spreading his wings and showing off a few more blue feathers.

These next shots are of a pair of Tree Swallows that were deciding on whether to build their nest in Box #6, also called “the central box” that is located in the middle of my office yard. They landed quite close to where I had stopped to film the Purple Martins.

The juvenile White-crowned Sparrows have brown marks on their head, where the adult birds have black markings. These are juveniles that are molting into their adult colors.

This Song Sparrow took the highest position he could find to belt out his tune.

The Purple Martins have a most cheerful chortle that I truly enjoy hearing. They are social, so they welcome each other home. Every time an individual flies back to home base to set for a spell, the others sing.

Robins abound here. Here’s an especially handsome individual.

I also filmed a few Grackles out at the north pond feeder area. I love these birds. Here you’ll see both a male (with the iridescent coloring), including how he puffs himself up to make some sort of statement, as well as the slightly more drab female.

And finally, just because there’s nothing much cuter than a bunny, here’s a little guy that held his ground as I drove past on the golf cart.

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