90 Seconds of Red-Headed Woodpecker Work

I showed this video to my husband and he said, “what’s he doing?”

I’m not sure if he’s excavating a hole where he plans to invite a female to lay eggs. I’m not even sure it’s a male. I’m not sure if he’s working at getting food or sap or some other resource from the hole. But, he seems quite interested in his progress, as he stops every once in a while to cock his head left and right as if to be evaluating his work. I suppose the most I can say is that I’m pretty sure it is some sort of Woodpecker work, and that I was lucky enough to capture him flying off when he thought his shift was done.

4 Comments on “90 Seconds of Red-Headed Woodpecker Work

  1. Wonderful pictures Tammie. Loved the video. Looks like he/she is
    building a nest area. Have not seen this woodpecker in our area of Arkansas.

  2. Hi Tammie!As I  said in the comments, I love this RHWP!  Painted one once!!  Title:  “REGAL POSITIONING.”Enjoy!! Carol Cooley

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