Woodpecker Housekeeping

Today, I checked in on the Red-headed woodpecker I had observed (and FILMED) last week. So, I have learned a little about Woodpecker housekeeping. It exists. And, it’s appears to be a grab and toss strategy.

I suppose if you watch this video on a small cell phone screen, you may not see the fine wood shavings being flung out of the now-much-deeper hole that this bird has excavated. But, if you can see it, I hope you enjoy this little film as much as I do. Also a note: It appears that this bird flings equally over his right shoulder as his left. Ambidextrous – perhaps.

One Comment on “Woodpecker Housekeeping

  1. Great video! I can see the shavings flinging out nicely on my desktop. I have never seen a live woodpecker excavation so this was fun to watch.

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