Frequent Visitors

From my office doors I can view the north end our of pond meadow. I sometimes witness the Great Blue Heron or the Blue-winged Teal coming and going. Recently, I’ve observed a pair of Canada Geese that fly in from a location northwest of here. I’ve seen them flying over our property from a location southwest of here, too. I can only speculate that they use several different farm ponds in the area for their needs.

Yesterday, I was filming the Song Sparrows feeding their chicks when I heard the Geese honking on the wing. I looked over my shoulder to see them slowly drop altitude and land gracefully on our pond. I made a note to attempt to film them on my way back to the house. I had very little confidence I would accomplish that goal as these birds are fairly flight.

However, I was able to just barely get to a position where I could snap a few photos before the larger bird (I assume the male) began honking. Less than thirty seconds later, they took off together.

Let’s just address this little detail; if you live in an industrial area where Canada geese use the man made ponds, you probably think it’s silly to even waste one’s time to take pictures of this species. I guess it’s a bit like taking a photo of a Robin.

Many years ago I worked in a suburb of Chicago at a very large company. The extensive property (which was like a University campus in many ways) had a number of ponds. They were used to handle rain water run-off and to compensate for all of the land which is paved in parking lots. Canada Geese were all around – too much around. They pooped everywhere. They made nests in landscaped entries to buildings and then attached employs who attempted to enter. It would have been easy to get super high quality images of those birds, both standing around on a sidewalk, and as they landed and took off of the ponds.

But, like I have said before, we have country birds here. They have large personal spaces, and they don’t co-habitate with humans with the same level of comfort that city birds might. Hence, these are not the greatest quality images, but I’m quite surprised that I was even able to acquire them. I love how the water splashes demonstrate how these big birds actually run over the surface of the water as they take flight.

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