Mama and Papa

This is exciting! The Bluebird pair in Box #15 on the East property line are feeding chicks. Here are a few photos as well as a couple of videos at the bottom.

This daddy takes his job very seriously. He remains in constant contact with his mate, he brings food for the youngsters, and he is seen dicing it to the proper proportion for the chick’s size by wacking it on the top of the box. In the second video, you can even see him on his way to the box, then he performs a complete 180 degree pivot. A few seconds later, the mama arrives. I can only imagine that he changed his intentions to land on the box when he saw his mate arriving. Watching this couple is actually a lot like watching a good marriage.

Mama is all business when it comes to staying in the nest with the new hatchlings. But, she does go on hunting forays and brings back food for the chicks.

They seem to work so well together. This is the same box that a Bluebird couple used late last summer. I suspect it is the same pair and that may be why they seem so experienced. There’s a second female that I have seen hanging out with these two. I assume it’s a daughter from last year’s brood.

The first video is a quick, 30 second snippet of the male arriving with food.

Noteworthy moments in the second video include a Field Sparrow vocalizing, the male “processing” a grub on the house top and the male flying in and back out – presumably because he saw the female on her way back to the nest.

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