Month: May 2021

Takin’ A Little Rest

I looked down and there she was – this precious, mama rabbit. She was panting. I don’t know if she had been running, or she was just reacting to the warm weather. I suspect she was aware of me – wondering what my next… Continue Reading “Takin’ A Little Rest”


Yesterday I saw three ducks on our pond. Before I could get close enough to get a good photo, they flew off. However, I was able to snap some images from afar before they took flight. Although my distance vision isn’t very good, I… Continue Reading “Wow.”

Ready To Fly

The little Tree Swallow chicks in Box #14 seem almost ready to take flight. When I checked on them yesterday, I could tell a difference from the photos I took on May 23, just three days earlier. They develop so quickly.

Great Crested Flycatcher

Late last autumn, Robert and I put up a duck box near our pond. Personally, I didn’t really care if actual Wood Ducks used the box. I worry for their chicks when they leave the nest, since we have snapping turtles in the pond.… Continue Reading “Great Crested Flycatcher”

Watch & Learn

This baby House Finch (the noisy one) seems to be demanding that his father (the red one) feed him. Rather than give into the little one’s expectations, it appears that the father and mother (which shows up a bit later) are teaching the fledgling… Continue Reading “Watch & Learn”

We Hungry, Mama

The Tree Swallows that have been using Box #14 on the East side of our property have made a lot of progress since I was last out to observe. Their chicks (two that I can see, but there could be more) are able to… Continue Reading “We Hungry, Mama”

Sweet As Nectar

My husband, Robert, filmed this male Ruby-throated Hummingbird taking advantage of the little nectar feeder that I placed in a flower pot and the flowers that surround it. Enjoy!


It finally felt like Spring, today. That’s about a month later than usual. I was finally able to get outside without a jacket. We were finally able to purchase some annual plants and not fear they’d get too cold. Today, it’s going to reach… Continue Reading “Finally”

You’ve Got A Little Sumthin’ on Your Chin

So, I came upon this today. I saw a Barn Swallow perched on a plant hanger near my front porch. I thought; he looks so calm and relaxed, maybe he’ll stay put for a photo. Then, I notice the mud on his face. Clearly… Continue Reading “You’ve Got A Little Sumthin’ on Your Chin”


Back on May 8, 2021, Robert was driving the tractor past our pond and he saw a couple of large white birds. Unfortunately, he only had a cell phone camera with him. But, he shot these two photos, then came to ask me what… Continue Reading “Confirmed?”