The colors of a Sunset

The Barn Swallows have returned and are busy making their mud-based nests under the eaves of my office patio, as well as above the door of Robert’s shop. These are the same locations the birds have used in previous years. I’m excited to keep an eye on their progress.

Yesterday, I was down at the pond quite late in the afternoon. All three swallows – Tree, Barn and the Northern Rough Winged – enjoy hunting for insects above the pond. Watching their aerial acrobatics is awe inspiring. But, it’s almost impossible for me to catch in a photo.

Wonderfully, I was privy to a real treat when a pair of Barn Swallows perched on a very low shrub just at the water’s edge and hung out long enough for me to focus and click. The sun was so low in the sky that it seemed to illuminate the brilliant orange color of their breasts as if it were the sun setting on the horizon. It was quite a sight and it makes me very happy to be able to share it.

There was some tall, dried grass in the foreground which somewhat obscured the image of the second bird in the background. I think that helped to highlight the bird in the front, which I was able to capture in the spaces between the sedge grass.

I also caught an interesting interaction between the birds. I was about to write “squabble” but that would simply be my human mind’s judgement of the event. It happened when the birds were both behind the grass and out of focus, but you should get the drift!

Within a minute the two birds were peacefully sharing the perches, again.

2 Comments on “The colors of a Sunset

  1. I love to watch these beautiful birds. You captured some great photos. They do seem to be the colors of the sunset.

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