Grape Jelly Eating Contest

Welcome Competitors to the annual Grape Jelly Eating Contest! We are happy to host this event each Spring when our best challengers come to rival their adversaries in this “Sweet” event! Now, let’s introduce the contenders!

At jelly saucer #1, our returning winner, it’s….Oh my goodness, where’s the contestant?

There she is, late as usual. It’s Sunshine, the Orchard Oriole. Get on over here, Sunshine!

Sunshine looks alert and ready to rumble, now!

At saucer #2 is a young fella, new to the competition, it’s (based on the bib under his chin, I believe a young male Orchard) Oriole, the mischievous Rebel.

Rebel is looking a bit too interested in that Jelly, so let’s get this contest started! Orioles, check out your competition on the left and right.

Wait a minute! Did Rebel just stick his tongue out at Sunshine? Oh, and do we see a bit of Grape Jelly on that tongue? Just to be clear. If a contestant pre-samples the jelly, there’s a five second penalty per incident. Judges… please review the tape. Any penalties will be tacked on at the end.

Looks like Sunshine is considering a possible second victory!

Contestants, look at your goal, that delicious, sweet mound of exception grape jelly.

Ready? Set! Jelly!

Look at that form. Sunshine and Rebel look equally matched! Could this be an upset? Or will that pre-trial snack foil Rebel’s attempt at Rookie of the Year?

Sunshine goes in for a bigger bite!

Look at that beak dexterity! It’s out of this world!

But, wait! Rebel is showing his stuff! Check out that skill! Pure, raw talent coming from the kid!

Can Sunshine match Rebel’s consumption capacity?

Looks like she’s getting full. Could this be the end of Sunshine’s reign?

No! She’s still going!

Ladies and Gentlemen! The Winner of the 2021 Spring Grape Jelly eating competition is…. Sunshine, the Orchard Oriole.

2 Comments on “Grape Jelly Eating Contest

    • Orioles (especially right when they arrive after the long migration) are known to frequent hummingbird feeders, which typically contains a solution of 1 part cane sugar and 4 parts water and no other nutritional value. They also eat the orange slices that people routinely offer them, which are about 85% water, natural sugar, along with other nutritional value like vitamin C and fiber. Grape jelly is another source of natural sugar, and also contains vitamins and fiber. While I offer natural grape jelly, I know it’s not the only thing the birds are eating. Grape jelly is concentrated, but as long as the birds have access to fresh water (which is plentiful at my location), I don’t feel that I’m negatively influencing their health. I looked it up before I offered it to the birds. I didn’t find any reference that suggested it is harmful to Orioles or other birds. I think that animals tend to know when they need certain foods. After a long migration, getting some quick acting carbs is probably helpful. I put out a little dish of the stuff. I offer a few oranges. If the birds were caged and the only nutrition they were offered was a single sugar source, I would consider that potentially harmful. That’s not what’s going here. But, thank you for your concern.

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