He’s Got Somethin’ to Say!

The Barn Swallows are busy making their mud nests under the eaves around our property – including my office patio. I have a string of lights that runs the sixteen foot width of the patio, and the birds land on that wire to hang out, or to settle before flying up to the nest. I can see the birds while I sit at my computer. The actual nest they are working on seemed still intact from last year. I suppose they are feeling a need to augment it for their new future clutch.

This bird is one of the pair that is building the office patio nest. He settled on the fence just off the patio to communicate his message, so I had to capture it. You have to wonder if he’s informing or directing his mate regarding nest building, talking to other pairs of Barn Swallows that are building close by (the eaves above Robert’s office door, the eaves above the south studio, and under the lean-to of the Robert’s shop) or giving a weather report! We did have lots of rain and thunder last night. Regardless of what it is, it’s clear he has something to say!

Barn Swallow

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