Serious About Citrus

The Northern Mockingbird is a species that spends the winter here, and sticks around all summer to raise their young. They are a bird with a lot of character. During the deep freeze in February, they came up to the patio to drink from our open water source and take advantage of the suet we provided. They also felt a need to police the action of some of the more pushy species, very specifically the European Starlings. I grew some respect for the Mockingbirds watching that behavior!

That’s not to say that I didn’t have a good dose of respect for them, already. They are a stately bird that also seems quite resourceful. When I began to offer oranges to the Orioles recently, I discovered the Mockingbird covet the sweet citrus. I suspect you will get a sense of the bird’s enthusiasm for the fruit in these photos.

As I watched this Mockingbird, I got the sense that he was “going at” the orange as if he were attempting to tear meat from a bone. You can see the intensity of his work through the splashes coming from the orange! And, why he did the “wet dog shake” (photo near the bottom) I’m not sure. Maybe he took in too much juice (I looked it up – yes, birds do cough.) Perhaps, he got a seed – although these very delicious Mandarin oranges are labeled as seedless!

Enjoy… and perhaps gain some inspiration on how to enjoy your next meal!

The last photo makes me wonder if he recognized my presence and was questioning whether I was going to post photos of him eating on the internet!

One Comment on “Serious About Citrus

  1. Mockingbirds use fruit to overwinter here, normally in summer and to feed their young they eat insects. Cold spring has caused our local birds to use suet in the morning because it has been to cold for bugs to be out.

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