Mr. Bob-WhITE

I was surprised when, after uploading the photos below to a Facebook Birder’s groups, I received so many comments and “likes.” Many folks responded by saying they had not seen this species around in years! I looked up Northern Bobwhite at and saw that the conservation status is “Common bird in steep decline.” How sad.

We have at least a few pairs of these cute, chubby birds on our property. Although I rarely get a glimpse of them, I know they are around because I frequently hear their calls. They echo each other across the land, here. The other day, in fact, I was sitting near the Bluebird Nest box that is near our open-sided barn and it was obvious that there was a Bobwhite inside the metal walls. His song was being amplified like when you sing in a shower stall.

Here are a couple of short files with audio recordings of the two types of calls I’ve been able to capture.

I came upon this cute couple at the end of a day that had been drenched in rain. As I approached, they were unaffected by my presence and let me film them for a couple of minutes before flying up to a small, nearby tree.

I suppose that our open prairie with lots of hedgerows and stands of mature trees is just what this bird needs to be happy. And, I am thrilled to be able to provide them a safe haven.

When I showed the photos to Robert, and said “this is Bobwhite,” he pointed to the female and said, she must be “Karen White!” Ha ha ha. I’m happy to introduce you to Bob & Karen White! Hopefully, they will soon have a bunch of little Whites running around after them!

One Comment on “Mr. Bob-WhITE

  1. Tammie – I left you a message on my last post. Thank you again for your wonderful comments and your prayers. I would love a hard copy of your book. If you will contact me at my email I will give you my mailing address. This is a wonderful post. I don’t hear the bobwhite quail as much as I use to. I have managed to get a few pictures of them in the last few years.

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