We Hungry, Mama

The Tree Swallows that have been using Box #14 on the East side of our property have made a lot of progress since I was last out to observe.

Their chicks (two that I can see, but there could be more) are able to wait (not so patiently) at the entrance for their parents to show up with meals. And, the parents are not disappointing. The frequency of their visits is very high – sometimes two parents show up around the same time. When that happens, it seems that they engage in a vocal communication that sounds a bit like a squabble. Perhaps, Mama is saying, “Good job, Hun, I didn’t expect you back with the snacks so fast! Love you!” But, my human ears perceive something a bit different.

The thing about birds is that, truly as you sit back and observe, you can’t help but see that their “core values” are so akin to ours that it’s hard not to interpret their behavior though human-colored glasses.

You may not be aware, if you haven’t thought about it, but bird parents (like humans) spend a lot of time dedicated to Poop Duty. This next photo shows a parent Tree Swallow leaving the nest box carrying, yep, a poop!

If you turn up the volume, you will hear the song of an Eastern Wood-pewee in the background.

I suspect that the next time I go out to visit, this family may have moved their chicks from the box to the sky! Soar, little babies, Soar!

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