Month: May 2021

Mr. Bob-WhITE

I was surprised when, after uploading the photos below to a Facebook Birder’s groups, I received so many comments and “likes.” Many folks responded by saying they had not seen this species around in years! I looked up Northern Bobwhite at and saw… Continue Reading “Mr. Bob-WhITE”

Serious About Citrus

The Northern Mockingbird is a species that spends the winter here, and sticks around all summer to raise their young. They are a bird with a lot of character. During the deep freeze in February, they came up to the patio to drink from… Continue Reading “Serious About Citrus”

He’s Got Somethin’ to Say!

The Barn Swallows are busy making their mud nests under the eaves around our property – including my office patio. I have a string of lights that runs the sixteen foot width of the patio, and the birds land on that wire to hang… Continue Reading “He’s Got Somethin’ to Say!”

Me Too!

This Red-bellied Woodpecker also seems to enjoy the orange slices that I put out for the Oriole species. In fact, when I noticed that the interior of the orange peels were completely picked clean, I knew that wasn’t the work of the Orioles. My… Continue Reading “Me Too!”

Tropical beauty in Illinois

Orioles bring a splash of tropical color to our summers, when they spend a few months breeding and producing MORE Orioles! They love citrus and it’s fairly customary for folks to provide slices of oranges (or Grape Jelly) I suppose perhaps to help them… Continue Reading “Tropical beauty in Illinois”

Grape Jelly Eating Contest

Welcome Competitors to the annual Grape Jelly Eating Contest! We are happy to host this event each Spring when our best challengers come to rival their adversaries in this “Sweet” event! Now, let’s introduce the contenders! At jelly saucer #1, our returning winner, it’s….Oh… Continue Reading “Grape Jelly Eating Contest”

Apples & Oranges

Last year, the first bird that I saw when I was finally able to travel around our property in a golf cart was an incredibly lovely, yellow female Orchard Oriole. At the time, I didn’t know what it was, and needed some help identifying… Continue Reading “Apples & Oranges”

What A Way To Treat A Lady

Many people know that the House Sparrow is an invasive species that affects native birds – especially those that nest in cavities. But, if comparing them to Lion fish in reefs world-wide and Burmese pythons in the Everglades isn’t enough to sway you that… Continue Reading “What A Way To Treat A Lady”


I have come to accept low-light days as those which may yield a more artistic or “rustic” image. As the sun hasn’t been generous of late, I share these arcadian images with you of some lovely birds – regardless of the lighting.

Baker’s Dozen of Sparrows

When I started looking at birds on my property, I didn’t really think about keeping tabs on them all. Heck. I actually only really thought there were the common birds like Cardinals, Robins and Sparrows that lived in this part of the world. When… Continue Reading “Baker’s Dozen of Sparrows”