the Birds

I’ve been feeling like I’m behind on updating this blog. I have dozens of photos and videos that I want to share, but time seems to be eluding me. I have a handful of topics to share like the day that a “committee” of Turkey Vultures descended to the Pond Meadow. Yes! I looked it up and a group of Turkey Vultures is called a committee. With this single image I think you can understand why the group is so named:

There’s so much to tell about their arrival, so I will leave that topic to its own post.

Then, there’s the nest box update; which birds have successfully fledged their (first) brood, who has subleased the space and is currently sitting on eggs, and the heart wrenching stories of the couples that failed due to nest box take-over by other species, Mother Nature’s wrath or perhaps poor planning. That’s a very extensive post that I envision with many lovely photos and video clips. Here’s a quick image that captures that concept.

While scouting out the birds, I have also been capturing the flora that supports the fauna. I want to share some images of the grasses and wild flowers that are the roots of this ecosystem.

But, for now, I will share some of my favorite images from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy.

Baltimore Oriole snacking on oranges I offered.

Northern Cardinal (what a cutie)

Eastern Kingbirds (I love these birds)

Eastern Bluebirds (my “heart” bird)

Tree Swallows (we have many of them this year)

Brown Thrashers (last year I captured one images of this species, and this year they seem prevalent)


Red-winged Blackbird (Creepy Crawlies for dinner, kids!)

Honorable Mention – nice of her to smile for the camera!

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