If you had the time to read my update on our nest boxes, PARENTHOOD, you may be aware of Raggedy Ann, an Eastern Bluebird that has had a bad go of it this Spring.

You may read the whole story of Ann at the previous post. Briefly, I first saw Ann (which is the only wild bird I have ever named) feeding chicks in box #26. I never saw her mate during the time I filmed her over a few days. A week later, Robert reported to me that he discovered a dead Bluebird chick hanging out of the hole of box #26. I assumed the mother may have perished. A few weeks later I rediscovered her at box#19. She had a mate. There were eggs in the box. Sadly, the eggs disappeared (can’t say what happened), and I lost sight of her.

But, I’ve seen Annie again! Whoo Hoo! The afternoon after I posted PARENTHOOD, I saw four Bluebirds flying near Box#26 (Annie’s original box.) Two flew on, but two stopped near the box. The handsome male perched atop the box. The female perched on the fence about six feet away. She observed while her mate partially entered the box.

Next, the male hopped down to a wire near the box and the female flew over and clung to the box, peering inside. She entered the box, disappeared for a moment, then stuck out her head.

The day was moving fast and I wanted to check on a few other areas around the property. When the birds flew off, I left. About forty minutes later I returned, hoping to catch a glimpse of this newly discovered Bluebird couple. That’s when I realized the female of this “new” pair was Raggedy Ann. Annie was alive and still making a go of creating a family this breeding season. I was overwhelmed with joy!

I’m not going to lie. Annie still looks like crap. Her breast feathers are still missing. She lacks the healthy sheen of quality preening. But, she’s here and she’s trying and we are hoping the best for her and her mate! No, I’m not going to call him Andy. Well, maybe just in my own mind.

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