Flick it

In the past few days I have checked in with the Red-headed woodpecker activity in the dead branch of a large tree. A new hole is being constructed about 35 feet up, in a location that is not very easy to film – or see for that matter. However, the birds are adorned with brilliant red heads which are not difficult to spot if you’re looking in the general direction.

I observed the location on 6/21 and 6/23. The photos from the earlier date suggested there’s a pair. I guess it’s more than a suggestion since I filmed two birds entering the same hole! I figured that might mean they are incubating eggs or feeding chicks. But, my trip a couple days later made me feel that I am mistaken.

Warning: the photos are not the best quality because I shot at quite a distance on a very windy day.

When I returned on 6/23 I was surprised to see what appears to be nest excavation going on. If the pair had eggs or chicks, I wouldn’t think there would be a need for construction duties. I can’t say what stage they are in – but, the home-renovation project is very entertaining to watch! If you are viewing on a small device, I’m not sure you’ll see the spray of wood shavings the bird is flicking away. Hopefully, now that I have alerted you what to look for, you’ll get the gist of the images.

And, if you would find more value in seeing a video of this activity, here you go! In the first clip you get to hear the bird vocalize. The second clip has multiple “flick it” moments for your viewing pleasure.

4 Comments on “Flick it

  1. I very much enjoy your posts, seeing your birds which are very different to our uk birds. It is so much better than looking at different countries birds in a bird book.

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