Singin’ His Heart Out

The House Wren is a very cute little bird with a big-ass personality. I recognize that this species is part of the ecosystem here at our retired farm. But, House Wrens can be brutal. I’ve observed them oust Tree Swallow and Bluebird couples from nest boxes – both when the resident pair had eggs under incubation and also one-day-old chicks. That was sad to watch.

Still, nature has no morality and I understand there is a balance that is always being sought through competition of resources, weather, and the most basic concept of survival of the fittest. It’s a system that has been in motion for millennia and is best left undisturbed by our human emotions (not sayin’ that is always easy.)

This portly crooner brightened my journey around the property when he agreed to stay put while I captured his song on video.

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