Flower, Fruit, food

Back in the third week of May, our property was adorned with the bridal-white flowers of wild berries (mostly raspberries – but, some blackberries.)

Nearly every fence post supported a bush filled with the pristine little flowers that promised to become fruits, one day. In the stands of matures trees, dense thickets of the wild berry plants sprang high with blooms. Some of the hearty stems reach over eight foot high!

Now, in the last week of June, everywhere those delicate flowers once beautified the spring landscape, wild raspberries are flushing crimson. As summer’s heat rises, they await plucking from their thorny brambles.

As much as I would like to snack on these sweet treats, one must be careful reaching into the briar. This next photo seems to be Nature’s warning to keep back! The thorns may not appear ominous, but they grab one’s skin and rip the flesh with ease. Your hunger must be high to take the risk of harvesting the fruits.

And while this handsome insect is no real threat, it’s name implies that his job it to stand guard of the ripening berries.

Dragonfly in the Bramble

While the prickly thorns of wild berries post a deterrent to humans and possibly bears or other larger animals, birds live among the thickets with ease. It makes me wonder if in fact, raspberries were especially intended for our avian friends.

I was surprised to review my images of the Bluebird couple that is raising their second brood in nest box #15 and discover the mama bird offering fruit to their chicks. The main stable is clearly insects and grubs, but apparently baby bluebirds enjoy a bit of sugar in their early diet, too!

In the first photo you can see the female arriving with a berry in her beak!

Here’s a video of this successful pair feeding a more tradition diet of protein rich bugs.

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