Month: June 2021

The Year Of The Bunny

I’ve never seen as many cotton tail rabbits than I have this year. They are everywhere. They come in all sizes from itty-bitty ones that would fit in the palm of my hand, to adults. Regardless of size, they are all adorable. Here are… Continue Reading “The Year Of The Bunny”

Coming Out Of The Thicket

This bird is called a Common Yellowthroat. It’s a warbler. I don’t know why they leave that designation off in the official name (after all the Palm Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Magnolia Warbler as well around 40 more North American warbler species have warbler in… Continue Reading “Coming Out Of The Thicket”

NonChalant vs Unnerved

This Red-shouldered hawk seems unaffected by the Northern Mockingbird’s attempt to run him out of the neighborhood. The Duck box is a preferred spot for the Hawk to sit for a spell. The other residents (Red-winged Blackbirds and friends) are very vocal about the… Continue Reading “NonChalant vs Unnerved”


Even if you are only an armchair naturalist, you may have heard of a plant called Milkweed. Why? I don’t think it’s because plants, especially those that are often referred to as weeds, really rate with the general public. However, Milkweed is special because… Continue Reading “MILKWEED”


If you had the time to read my update on our nest boxes, PARENTHOOD, you may be aware of Raggedy Ann, an Eastern Bluebird that has had a bad go of it this Spring. You may read the whole story of Ann at the… Continue Reading “Annie!”

Deep Purple

After posting the outrageously comprehensive nest site status info (for a hobby blog), PARENTHOOD, I realized that I failed to mention our colony of Purple Martins that reside just outside my office patio! They are a constant source of entertainment. I love their cheerful… Continue Reading “Deep Purple”


A year ago, I never thought I would be spending so much time compiling and evaluating data. The way I looked at it, “been there done that” when it came to scientific studies. For twenty years I was a professional scientist (initially in basic… Continue Reading “Parenthood”

Grass – Roots

The header photo of this post is an Eastern Meadowlark singing the morning praises atop a newly rolled bale of hay. Hay is, of course, cut and dried grass (or alfalfa or clover or a mix of those plants.) For the meat eaters who… Continue Reading “Grass – Roots”

the Birds

I’ve been feeling like I’m behind on updating this blog. I have dozens of photos and videos that I want to share, but time seems to be eluding me. I have a handful of topics to share like the day that a “committee” of… Continue Reading “the Birds”

The Duck Box

Our Duck Box, located on the east side of the pond, has been a happening place. We initially put it up to entice Wood Ducks and/or Kestrels or small Owls to make a home and raise a brood. Through the use of a Trail… Continue Reading “The Duck Box”