It was pretty hot and humid when I decided to sneak out between pop-up thunder storms that were moving through the area.

I was surprised to view the photos of several birds that I took because they were all panting from the heat.

Barn Swallow

Right outside the door, before I even climbed into my golf cart to drive around, I saw this Barn Swallow perched on the fence. It’s one of a pair that has built a nest under the eaves of my office patio (that is covered by a small gable roof overhang.) Between it’s flights to gather insects for the chicks, it stopped to cool off.

Eastern Bluebird

This pretty female Bluebird and her mate are making a nest in Box #1, which is located on the fence of my office yard. Again, I hadn’t even climbed in the vehicle when I spotted her – panting in the heat.

Red-winged Blackbird

At the pond, this Red-winged Blackbird was singing at the top of a tree. But, when reviewing the images, I realized that in-between belting his song, his beak remained open – heaving hot out out of his body. I am going to include one photo where his beak was shut. It reminds me of a High School yearbook photo! Well, sans the mud on his face.

Eastern Kingbird

I included a photo of this bird in my last post. But, she remained in the tree long enough for me to take several photos. She sure looks hot!

E. Bluebird

I saw this Bluebird in the acre of land we own across the street from our old house. He was never very close to me, but I snapped off a few photos anyway. I found him to be panting, too.

American Robin

This is just one image of many that I will share in a future post because the bird was presenting very strange behavior. However, for now I will just include this one picture of this hot and panting Robin. I was shooting directly into a late afternoon sun, so the photo had to be lightened artificially and hence isn’t of the greatest quality. But, you get idea.

Purple Martins

When I returned home, I decided to aim my camera towards the Purple Martin house and gourds, since their chicks are developing sufficiently that I can get a glimpse of them peering out of their nest cavities. It’s fairly common to see baby birds holding their bills open in anticipation of their parent’s arrival with food. But, I think these chicks are trying to get cool as much as they are trying to get a meal. Their parents, too, were showing stress from the heat of the day.

Here’s looking to a bit of a cool front moving in!

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