Aerial Acrobats

The Barn Swallow chicks, which have occupied several mud nests under the eaves of our house and buildings, are soaring. Yesterday, I sat waiting for the Indigo Buntings (future post) to arrive at a spot near the house where they tend to come for the tall grasses that grow there. I looked out over the field, which is lovely in bloom with red clover, and saw dozens of the swallows swooping back and forth across the meadow.

Had it been a couple of weeks ago, I would have assumed they were parent birds harvesting food for their growing babes. However, I believe many of these birds were the new fledglings trying out their incredible endowment of flight. At one point, there were ten young birds perched on a wire (Robert’s radio towers) near the garage. Then, in a heartbeat they took off together over the blanket of clover. What a sight it was to behold! They looked less motivated to feed than to experience the joy of flying.

Here is a quick 30 second video of the splendid sight.

Here are a few photos of the newly fledged chicks, and their parents. Top two pictures are adults. The rest are chicks.

Here’s a photo of one of the nests which a pair of swallows decided to build on the light under our front porch – not exactly where I would have preferred, but they worked so hard on it, we had to accept their choice.

4 Comments on “Aerial Acrobats

  1. Great photos!! I went to Goose Lake Prairie twice last week and saw barn swallows too! On s un there were about 6 in the nest looking very anxious to fly. My pix didn’t turn out so I went back Tues to look again. There were only 2 left!! And rarin’ to go!!! The parents were none too happy with my presence!! If they had been redwing blackbirds, I’d have been Swiss cheese!!! Wish I could get frontal shots of those beaks and faces coming at me!!! BUT…..they are MUCH too fast!!!

    • HI Carol, Thanks for adding to the story. It’s very challenging to capture a swallow in flight. That’s for certain! Sometimes I just need to put down my camera and sit back, breathe and enjoy the sight. Swallows force me to do that, which is a gift they give!

    • I understand if you are using a small device (cell phone) to view my site that you won’t see many of the details I post.

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