A Grub Is Great Grub

Grub: 1. the thick-bodied, sluggish larva of several insects, as of a scarab beetle. 2. Slang. food; victuals.

Homonym: a word pronounced the same as another, but different in meaning.

So, grub is a homonym. It can mean a thick-bodied larva (which many of us probably consider something very far from good eats.) And, it can define some really great food (like you might order through Grubhub!)

Lucky for Bluebird babies, they don’t need to concern themselves with such challenging vocabulary. Based on these photos that I took of the Bluebird pair using Box #1 just outside my office doors, a grub is great grub!

The first bird shown below is the female delivering a pretty hefty meal. Next, the male arrives with a brilliant green winged insect of sorts. The mama follows him with similar grub, even though it’s not actually a grub.

Judging on the size of these morsels, the chicks are probably getting pretty big!

It’s exciting to watch their progress. It truly goes by very fast from when the male first woos the female to check out the box to feeding grub(s)! This is hard work for these birds. They are constantly hunting and delivering the next meal. Sometimes just minutes transpire between their arrival. It’s true dedication to their goal of watching their chicks fledge.

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