More Cute Bunnies

Every time I travel around our property I see bunnies! Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies! Allow me to share some of the recent photos I’ve taken of these Cotton-tail Rabbits.

I tried to research population statistics / fluctuations in numbers of rabbits but it did not yield straight-forward results. It seems that a lot of information comes from the hunting of rabbits. It makes me wonder if, due to the pandemic in 2020 fewer folks went out hunting – which lead to a bigger population of rabbits this year. One site (which presented data from a different mid-western State, rather than my State of Illinois) made reference to a mild 2019-2020 winter which resulted in an increase in the rabbit population in that area. Our 2020-2021 winter was severely cold due to the Polar Vortex.

Regardless of my inability to find actual data about Cotton-tail rabbit demographics, I am quite certain we have many more bunnies this year than we did last (even having endured seriously below freezing temps in February.)

Last summer, if I saw a rabbit during a trip around the property it was an event that I shared with my husband. Now, it’s so common to see several (sometimes in small groups) I don’t even report it and I no longer take the time to film them until I am quite close or the lighting seems right.

Rabbits eat grass. We have plenty of that to go around. They are food for hawks. I like hawks, even if they eat rabbits. And, bunnies are just adorable. They are welcome here!

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