Plenty of Hummers

Earlier this Spring/ Summer I was worried. Just like the Bluebirds, the Hummingbirds were very late in arriving. Even then, there were only a couple of individual birds coming to our feeders. I was afraid that the Deep Freeze in February had a seriously damaging effect on these beautiful little gems.

But, as you can see in this video, the hummers have gathered in force. They are drinking us out of sugar nectar on a daily basis. I took this video (which is actually a compilation of several shorter clips due to my cell phone camera file size issue I’m experiencing) this afternoon out my office window. It was just after a very heavy rain (AGAIN!) and I think the hummers enjoyed the safety of the porch overhang while they took advantage of the offerings.

This next, very short clip, is Robert “hand feeding” a hummingbird when he was filling the feeders the other day.

These lovely little creatures have no fear of humans. When I sit still on the patio, they will zoom all around me. When they are interacting with each other (typically a sort of competition to get to a feeder – which is crazy because we have plenty of them hanging), it can feel like I’m watching a Quidditch match (you know, that flying broomstick sport in Harry Potter!) These are Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, the only species that lives in our area – and only for the summer.

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