Month: July 2021

A plethora of Pollinators

Get a load of all the insects taking advantage of the nectar that this single Milkweed blossom is offering up. I suppose it’s common knowledge that flowers provide nectar in order to attract pollinators to arrive, imbibe, and drive to another bloom. There, the… Continue Reading “A plethora of Pollinators”

Independence Day

I am so utterly grateful to have been born in this wondrous republic. It is a privileged that should never be taken for granted. As a citizen of this incredible country, we are afforded boundless opportunities to strive to achieve our highest purpose or… Continue Reading “Independence Day”


Behavior is an interesting subject – whether human, dog or bird. We can attempt to evaluate why an individual behaves in a certain way, but sometimes it’s just a moot endeavor. It’s fairly common that one of my clients will observe her dog present… Continue Reading “Strange”


It was pretty hot and humid when I decided to sneak out between pop-up thunder storms that were moving through the area. I was surprised to view the photos of several birds that I took because they were all panting from the heat. Barn… Continue Reading “Sweltering”