Doe, A Deer

This white-tailed deer was on the other side of the hedgerow, in the neighbor’s soybean field. I was sitting in the middle of our recently cut hay field when I noticed the movement, but wasn’t sure what I was observing. Then, rather than stay on the other side of the fence when she noticed me (which seemed like the safer option from a deer’s perspective – I would think), she decided to jump the fence into the hay field. She was probably 175 feet away from me.

The lovely creature began to saunter slowly across the field, while the bright sunshine illuminated her beauty. When she stopped dead in her tracks – rather than continuing to move on across the field and back into safety – I suspected that she probably had a fawn with her.

Indeed, she not only had one youngster, but two fawns. She paused for a moment and looked over her shoulder. Once she was aware that the babes were free of the obstacle, she began to pick up speed as she trotted across the field and then down what I call the “corridor” near the old house.

The fawns were a good fifty feet behind her, so I was never able to capture the threesome in the same frame. I kept my focus on the easier, larger target, and snapped these couple of images.

I think the doe looked very fit and healthy; her tawny coat was so shiny in the sunlight. It was a nice surprise!

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