‘Scuze me, Just Got Out Of The Bath

As I sat filming the half dozen or so butterflies feeding from the wildflowers that thrive at the the north end of the pond, I began hearing the chirp-chirp of a Common Yellow-throat. Yes, it’s a common bird – I hear them in many areas of our property. But, it’s as difficult to see as it is common. Until I was able to distinguish its vocalizations, I wasn’t able to recognize how common it truly is.

The Common Yellow-throat is a warbler. I’m not sure why it doesn’t have the warbler designation in its name. Most of the other warblers have monikers like Kentucky Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Pine Warbler, Palm Warbler etc.. But it is a warbler, and that means it’s small, likes to hang out in the shady undergrowth and when it does show itself it doesn’t stick around for long.

Here’s a photo I took earlier this year (6/16/21) of a male Common Yellow-throat that chose to remain both in the sun at the top of a tree, and for a good long while – versus typical warbler standards.

As I sat filming the butterflies, my attention was drawn to the chirping, but the low brush was quite dense from which the sound was coming. I figured I might never see the little bird, but it didn’t stop me from turning my gaze towards the dense bush to my left every time I heard it.

Finally, I spotted movement and aimed my camera. I apologize for the lack of focus. It was a quick moment in time, shooting into the shadowy underbrush. Even though he was quite wet, which I assume was from having taken a quick bath on the bank of the pond, his yellow feathers were obvious. Although the pictures are clearly out of focus – as the lens captured the limb of the bush, rather than the bird, I still think it’s worth sharing these photos because; yeah, how often do you get to see a Common Yellow-throat, and even more so how often do you get to see one that just stepped out of the bath?

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