..Then Autumn Slowly Glides In

I live where seasons are distinct and vibrant. Winter is introduced by shortened days that beg for hearty soups and the annual search for mittens and wool hats. Just as the gray, dreary days begin to consume winter’s snowy enchantment, Spring arrives with tender budding of crocus and daffodils as it explodes into the lushness of regrowth. Summer slithers into Spring until its intense heat leaves no memory of the refreshing revitalization of April. And then… Autumn slowly glides in with the hint of of chilly evenings and dry air and brilliant blue skies dabbled with billowing clouds.

Autumn is definitely my favorite season. Although it was nearly ninety degrees yesterday, a cold front arrived overnight bringing the crispness that is the cornerstone of pumpkins and apple cider.

Here are some of the first hints of the change of season that I’ve captured recently.

At the edge of our land, large stands of corn are beginning to dry and announce their crop.

The pear trees in our young orchard have produced fruit for the first time.

Goldenrod, a vibrant yellow wild flower, has burst into bloom attracting many nectar seeking insects. It looks like some of them are not just on a hunt for food!

A lovely moth (which I was not able to identify), is taking advantage of nectar from an autumn blooming wild flower. I believe this is White snakeroot. Check out the big, green eyes on that moth!

I found these next couple of pictures to be an interesting example of how images burned into our brains from social media can transfer over to our view of the natural world. My first thought when I looked at these files (since I don’t often see the little details of insects when I am filming) was, “Hey, check out how the moth has two body guards!” Don’t judge me – I’m just sharing my first impression.

Dried wild flowers are consuming the landscape as Autumn slowly glides in. I love this time of year.

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