An Apple a Day

There’s a apple tree out by the old barn that bears quite a bit of fruit. When they are ripe, I often pluck one off the tree as I am traveling around looking for birds and other wildlife. Last year I noticed that some of the apples were being eaten by an unknown creature. Most folks told me it was probably a squirrel. But, the trail cam revealed that a few different species of birds were taking advantage of the apples; Rose-breasted grosbeaks, House finches, Gray catbirds and the bird that took the biggest bites was a Red-bellied woodpecker.

This year, due to a myriad of events, I wasn’t able to go out before I discovered that all of the apples had been harvested. So, like I did last year after all the natural apples were gone, I hung a few purchased fruits in the tree to attract and feed the birds. This year, I also added sliced oranges. There are a lot of birds traveling through on migration and local birds that intend to remain here all winter are preparing for the cold weather.

The weather has not cooperated, and I’ve been unable to get out to film what has been noshing on the apples I’ve hung. But, I finally got lucky and captured House Finches eating the fruits (both apple and oranges.) The species I caught yesterday, the House Finch, seemed to prefer the apple, but three different birds also took a few bites of the citrus.

Here is a video of a female House Finch. There are still shots below of a couple of females and a male. While I didn’t get good shots of them all, I observed three males and two females. Enjoy!

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