Bees versus Birds

Yesterday, I posted about the House Finches that stopped by to enjoy the fresh fruit I hung in a tree.

I retained a few photos to present in this post, in order to share the talent of one of the finches.

When I first arrived near the apple tree, I noticed dozens of sweat bees on the apple. Clearly, they were indulging in the nectar like juice of the fruits. As I hadn’t yet observed what animals were eating the fruit, the sheer numbers of bees made me wonder if the insects, alone, had been responsible for consuming the apple and orange flesh.

Then, a female House Finch showed up and most of the bees flew off. The brave bees which stuck around soon found that they were no longer welcome on the apple, as the bird felt compelled to pluck off the invaders.

Here’s a short video showing the House Finch’s pluck-n-flick action that seemed mostly successful at freeing up the apple exclusively for her!

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