Merry and Bright

I’ve been away from blogging for a while as I was feverishly working on a culinary craft project / Christmas presents. Yesterday, after a few weeks of producing my treats, the boxes were sealed and shipped. I checked the tracking numbers this morning and everything is en route. Whew!

That’s a big “Whew” for me because I don’t even send Christmas cards. Really. I’m one of those people. I suppose I would score very badly on the “makes and maintains relationships” test. I’m old enough now, that I no longer have to explain why I am the way I am (not even to myself – and I am always my worst critic.) There were years when I bought a box or two of lovely greeting cards, but they were never mailed. Eventually, I realized that there was a very small chance I would get around to sending them, so I stopped fooling myself. Still, I harbored a bit of shame about that character flaw until, well, I didn’t.

I’m expecting the handful of folks to whom I’ve sent a box of homemade goodies to experience the emotion behind that curious word, “gobsmacked” when they see my name on the return address label of a box that will arrive not only on time, but ahead of the typical rush. It’s not that I want to astound anyone by my behavior, but I suspect a few individuals will cock their heads in wonder when the box shows up. More on the contents of those boxes in a later post…

I suppose another oddity about me is that, while I am a very private person who rarely has guests over for a cup of holiday cheer let alone a full-on Christmas dinner, I still enjoy decorating for the holidays. Typically, nobody sees these little delights that I sprinkle around our home. Well, of course Robert (my husband) sees them, and I think that he actually may find some joy when he turns a corner and sees my inspired moments. Make your loved ones smile – that should be a goal for everyone, right?

Here’s a little collection of a sweet fox sitting alongside a cornucopia that I set out in our foyer / entry area. Below that, there’s a photo of a plush black cat in a Buffalo check basket with matching acorns. I set that up on the side table in my dining room – it covered the Halloween through Thanksgiving season. About that cat; as Halloween approached, I had it in my mind that I wanted to add a spooky cat to my decorating exploits. As I soon found, I didn’t have the budget to acquire a life-sized cat sculpture. I had about given up hope when, while scrolling for said item at Amazon, a child’s plush toy popped up. It was very lifelike, and just fifteen bucks. Truly, he seemed so real that I found myself going in to give him a nice little pet as I walked through the room!

The autumn dining room table decor was a series of very lifelike pumpkins lined up along a Buffalo plaid table runner (to match the acorns above.) Somehow, I failed to photograph that subject before I swapped it out for the Christmas themed centerpiece.

For the dining room table this season, I was inspired by a gold toned table cloth (because it was a very good deal – which often is an impetus for my inspirations!) I’m not a gold or “fancy” sort of gal, but that nine dollar table cloth hooked me into the glitzy! I envisioned filling large, glass vases of varying heights with gold tone ornaments. I owned a low, wide bowl and a tall flower vase, so I only had to purchase the tallest vessel, which turned out to be a challenge until I spotted the perfect item it in the craft section at Wal-mart. I purchased the shatter-less (aka plastic) ornaments which were also quite reasonably priced when sold in a bulk set. Here’s how my glitzy-glam Christmas centerpiece turned out:

On the side-bar table in the dining room, I set up the elf-fairies atop their red, wooden sled which I have had for several years. I look forward to bringing these characters out every season. When I purchased them (sight unseen on line) I hoped that the “edge sitting” fairies would fit on the sled, which I acquired separately. Every year, when I get them out, I smile about how perfectly those fairies fit atop the red runner.

My favorites, by far, are the new characters that I set up on the buffet table in the foyer. I LOVE THEM! They were not dressed in ribbons or bows when I picked them out last night on a rare shopping trip we took to Hobby Lobby. But, I think the additions are charming. I’m quite smitten with these polar bears. I am already looking forward to getting them out next year!

On this Thanksgiving eve, I send out my warmest wishes to you and yours. May the holiday season fill you with warmth, tranquility, kindness, happiness, gratitude and love.

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