Dogs as Our Teachers

A few weeks ago I was invited to add a “topic” to a new website which has been designed to help authors reach more readers and readers peruse more books. The topic had to be unique to me. I also had to provide distinctive reviews of five books I’ve read that fit my topic.

The site is free (forever) for readers and authors. I liked the founder’s mission, which includes an understanding of the current challenges of marketing books in a increasingly shifting realm of publication. As a self-published author who also had two books published by a “real” publisher, I can attest to the fact that both scenarios can be very challenging to achieve. Marketing and sales require skills that, at least for me, are way outside my expertise and general disposition. I also learned a long time ago, that a publisher doesn’t necessarily do the work required to help a book reach its fullest potential. Self publishing has its own set of seemingly insurmountable challenges. The founder of seems to have a keen understanding of those hurdles and a vision to help alleviate some of them while also meeting his goals as an entrepreneur.

The topic I created was “Best books about dogs as our teachers.” That is the underlying theme of my book, Shamaron: Dog Devoted.

I don’t know if there is a design to our incredible existence on this planet that we share with millions of other lifeforms. Regardless of plan or mere chance; I would say that dogs exist to help us become better versions of ourselves, to save us, comfort us, guide us, humor us and most of all, unconditionally accept us. At, each author is allowed one topic to claim. I chose this one because I believe it best describes the books I have written as well as future works I may produce.

I encourage you to check out It has a unique style which allows you to jump from topic to topic and learn about undertakings (and the people who write about them) that you may have never considered exist. I know that happened to me.

Here’s the link:

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