Winter Friends

Some bird species migrate long distances between the breeding and non-breeding seasons. Others are full time residents.

Here are a few birds that I consider welcome friends during our chilly winters.

We live on a line between the Black-capped Chickadee and the Carolina Chickadee ranges. It’s a very small area and the differences between the species is also quite minor. I have posted many photos to the “experts” but I have never had a clear consensus regarding whether the birds that live on our farm are the northern Black-capped or the more southern Carolina. To me, they are all precious and quite cute! This one has nabbed a sunflower seed from the platform feeder I have in the north pond meadow.

Goldfinches are year-round residents, but this past summer I saw very few. Fortunately, they are back in numbers, now. They are so beautiful.

House Finches are also year-long residents. The males don a deep red hue around their head and chest area. The females are more drab in their brown streaked appearance. These are friendly, cheerful birds.

Just before I took off back to the house, I spotted these male House Finches perching together in a tree.

A male Northern Cardinal. This is another year-round species.

Here’s a mix of House Sparrows and House Finches in a shrub bush in the last afternoon sun.

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