Month: January 2022

Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?

I’m not a bragger.  I am actually a fairly humble being – I try to walk lightly and let my action speak louder than my words.  That’s true even though I am an author who puts much of my life’s experiences and lessons into… Continue Reading “Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?”

Bloganuary: Common-Sense Girl

What is a superpower you’d love to have? My response to this Bloganuary topic came very easily. A year or so ago I actually was inspired to create such a character. Sadly, my motivation came from experiencing an overwhelming number of individuals lacking an… Continue Reading “Bloganuary: Common-Sense Girl”

Bloganuary: What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

It’s interesting to have this subject pop into my Inbox today because I had a conversation with my husband the other night that encompasses this Bloganuary topic, quite well. Robert and I were discussing the crazy events that are happening in our society today. … Continue Reading “Bloganuary: What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?”

Ever Observant

I love the White-crowned sparrows that spend the winter here. Not only are they adorable, little birds but they tend to perch for a moment before moving onto their next activity. That makes them easier to film than some birds. They take the time… Continue Reading “Ever Observant”


A large flock of Goldfinches fought 20 MPH winds to visit the patio feeder. Enjoy these images.

Great Start to the Year

Diversions, like planning and going on our 20th anniversary trip (good interruption) as well as dealing with a failing golf cart which I use to get around our property when I go out birding (bad experience), business constraints (good for business – bad for… Continue Reading “Great Start to the Year”

Cutie Carolina Wren

As part of the new feeder station that we (aka my husband, Robert) built on my office patio, there’s an old tree trunk that we drilled holes into where suet could be stuffed. As soon as we put it up in place, birds came… Continue Reading “Cutie Carolina Wren”

Money Tree

Goldfinches hanging like currency from a tree…. I’m rich!

Unexpected Visitor

ORIGINALLY POSTED regarding a bird that stopped by our home on January 6, 2022, I RECEIVED THE FOLLOWING NOTE on June 5, 2022: The record of one Hoary Redpoll on 6 January 2022 in Brownstown, Fayette County,  for which you provided documentation,  was recently… Continue Reading “Unexpected Visitor”

Bloganuary – Favorite Childhood Toy

My second Bloganuary post answers the following question: What was your favorite toy as a child? Betsy was a baby doll. She was the size of a real baby and she was dressed in a blue, corduroy dress with a white scalloped collar. Her… Continue Reading “Bloganuary – Favorite Childhood Toy”