Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?

I’m not a bragger.  I am actually a fairly humble being – I try to walk lightly and let my action speak louder than my words.  That’s true even though I am an author who puts much of my life’s experiences and lessons into the written format.

However, when I read this Bloganuary topic, I immediately knew my favorite quote.  It was one of mine.

In my book, Shamaron –Dog Devoted, I write:

“It truly is the greatest injustice of Nature, the complete mismatch of lifespan between humans and their beloved dogs.”

Shamaron-Dog Devoted (2018) Tammie Rogers

The reason that I appreciate that quote so much is that, since penning the sentence, I have come to use it many times.  It is my go-to response when I receive notice from a friend or client of their dog’s passing.  As a dog breeder and trainer, that’s more often than you might think.  The notes I open nearly always bring tears to my eyes.  I feel the pain the folks are expressing, because I have been there many times over.

Sharing those words from my book is my way of saying, “you can feel like it’s unfair that your best friend has left your presence too soon.”   And, I think that’s true even if the dog was sixteen years old when she left her owner’s side. 

I believe sharing this quote is better than saying “I’m sorry.”  It is better than saying, “time will heal the wound you are feeling.”  It’s better than saying, “At least he had a good life.”  It recognizes that Nature trumps all our effort to control Her. It allows us to be human; to feel that life isn’t always fair – even though nobody said it would or should be.  For some people, the quote may even help them find a sense of surrender to the Universe where Love is all there is, and where their beloved ones will greet them, tails wagging, when it is time for them to meet again.


6 Comments on “Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?

  1. I so agree. Our Std. Poodle Coco Chanel, a nearly perfect dog, is approaching 14 YO and is slowly fading away. As I am too since I’m 82. It has always been a slow race to the end between us two.

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