Month: February 2022

Rare visitor

This is a Purple Finch. I’ve only seen this species at our property twice before. Autumn 2020 I filmed a female (which has no purple markings and looks quite similar to a female House Finch) and February 2021, during the Polar Vortex event which… Continue Reading “Rare visitor”

Hogwarts Forbidden Forest

I get the sense that this Brown-headed Cowbird I filmed last week might reside in Harry Potter’s famous Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts. Perhaps, he just flew in for a quick visit. What do you think?

Fish Under Ice

I have a patio pond. It’s made of a 400 gallon poly-tub that sits next to my raised porch. It’s one of the first projects we completed when we moved into our new home back in 2017. I acquired a number of aquatic plants… Continue Reading “Fish Under Ice”

A Crow

Back in or around 1998 I wrote the following poem. While I called it Raven, it was in fact an American Crow with whom I had the brief encounter about which I write. I suppose I thought that the term Raven was a bit… Continue Reading “A Crow”

Once a Year Visitors

Last year, during the Polar Vortex event, the frigid temperatures prompted us to put out plenty of seed, even the kinds we typically refrain from offering. To discourage House Sparrows, we usually only provide sunflower and safflower seeds because the House sparrows tend to… Continue Reading “Once a Year Visitors”

The Brown-headed Cowbird

There is no morality in Nature. But, you wouldn’t know it to speak to many bird watchers. Black colored birds, in particular seem to get a very bad rap when it comes to their fan base. Take Grackles, for example. When they show up… Continue Reading “The Brown-headed Cowbird”

Red-shouldered Hawk

While filming the little birds that come to my office patio feeder, I caught a glimpse of this beautiful, juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk. This bird and his parents make a living on our property. They have a nest in a large tree quite near the… Continue Reading “Red-shouldered Hawk”

The Bigger Cousins

Yesterday, I posted photos of the little birds that have been visiting my patio feeder. Here, I share some images of the birds just a size larger. MALE NORTHERN CARDINALS FEMALE NORTHERN CARDINALS BLUE JAY (Taking bites and swallowing suet) EUROPEAN STARLING BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD… Continue Reading “The Bigger Cousins”

Here Comes The Sun!

Over the past week we had unseasonably high temperatures – tipping over the 50 degrees F mark. Then, temps began to fall and rain arrived that turned to ice. The temps plummeted further and we experienced over a day of constant snowfall, accompanied by… Continue Reading “Here Comes The Sun!”

Angry Bird!

This is a Northern Cardinal. But, in this pose he looks a bit more like a member of the Angry Birds gang! Curiously, this House Finch seems to trying to emulate his bigger cousin! I think he’s just missing the mark! Keep trying, little… Continue Reading “Angry Bird!”