Here Comes The Sun!

Over the past week we had unseasonably high temperatures – tipping over the 50 degrees F mark. Then, temps began to fall and rain arrived that turned to ice. The temps plummeted further and we experienced over a day of constant snowfall, accompanied by super strong winds.

But, yesterday, the sun finally appeared and bright blue skies ruled the day. While it’s still quite chilly here, that sunshine changed everything – from my general mood to the wildlife’s survival. Birds, seeking a quick meal that isn’t covered in snow, flocked to my patio feeder. It allowed me to take some good shots out of my office patio door!

In this post, I’ll share the images of little birds.






This species typically only makes it way to a feeder near the house when the weather gets quite dicey. It was nice to see this little one.


This is a species categorized as “Common bird in steep decline.” The last time I saw one up near the house was February 2021 during the Polar Vortex! This little guy was picking at seed on the ground among many other small birds and I nearly missed him.


4 Comments on “Here Comes The Sun!

    • Hi Mark. Thank you so much. Yes, these are the “standards” here in winter. My next post will offer the larger birds that accompany them.

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