Month: March 2022

Now, now. Let’s all get along!

About ten days ago, Purple Martins arrived back to our location, where they found the “Red house” that we put up four years ago. They also found the gourd tower that we put put up the following year, and the horizontal bar of several… Continue Reading “Now, now. Let’s all get along!”


I know that many, if not most of my posts are about the world outside my home – the incredible wild creatures that live in our farm-gone-wild and remind me how important it is to embrace nature as often as possible. But, inside my… Continue Reading “Dogs”


Our Purple Martins are back! They arrived today in a large group. This is not the typical arrival which usually begins with what is referred to as a “Scout” bird that comes a few days or even weeks early to check out the digs.… Continue Reading ““Vacancy””


Just because sometimes it’s important to connect with pure bliss…I share with you a few seconds of a one hour old puppy with it’s mama.

So Happy to Offer a Soft Spot to Land

The header photo is a Song Sparrow. I spot them all around our property, both during winter and summer. When they begin singing for the season, it’s a song that I hear many times each day. There are a few “Common bird in steep… Continue Reading “So Happy to Offer a Soft Spot to Land”

Tossin’ one back

I have the privilege to watch a Belted Kingfisher hunting on our pond this afternoon. He would perch in a tree or large shrub about twenty to fifty feet above the water’s surface. He was scanning for a fish. When he spotted one, he… Continue Reading “Tossin’ one back”

House Hunting

A Bluebird couple continues to check out a new box we put up at the end of last season (near the pond where I like to hang out.) With Bluebirds it’s all about the gal. Her mate takes her around, showing her all the… Continue Reading “House Hunting”


The Meadowlarks have been singing for a week or so. During the breeding season, they tend to remain near their nests on the ground, which makes them difficult subjects to catch on film as they prefer the taller grasses of a meadow or hay… Continue Reading “SPRING HAS SPRUNG”

They’re Baaaack!

Last year in February, we experienced a Polar Vortex deep-deep-freeze event which seemed to have a significant influence on various bird species. In particular, I saw devastating posts in social media of entire families of Bluebirds which had taken refuge from the freezing temperatures… Continue Reading “They’re Baaaack!”


Ever since I was a kid growing up in northern Illinois, I was familiar with the summertime call of Red-winged Blackbirds. I named their song as a “trill-tweet.” I doubt that’s the official manner in which the bird experts refer to it. But, it… Continue Reading “Trill-Tweet”