They’re Baaaack!

Last year in February, we experienced a Polar Vortex deep-deep-freeze event which seemed to have a significant influence on various bird species. In particular, I saw devastating posts in social media of entire families of Bluebirds which had taken refuge from the freezing temperatures in boxes intended for breeding. The birds were all dead. One photo showed nine birds huddled together for warmth in what, the previous Spring, had probably been their next box.

When time passed and I didn’t see any Bluebirds, I worried that perhaps all of the birds that had spent their previous summer at our place raising their chicks, had perished. Alas, although late, the Bluebirds finally arrived and I watched several pairs rear their young in the boxes we provide around our farm.

What seems like a bit earlier than normal this year (I’m not complaining), I witnessed three pairs of Bluebirds yesterday. They were checking out the housing market and considering their options. I was so thrilled just to be outside in nature that I must say I let photography take a backseat to just observing and enjoying what I was watching. But, I was able to catch a few pictures of the Bluebirds that, I hope, will be prosperous here this coming season. Robert also reported he saw a pair examining the box in the front of our house, where a couple reared two broods last summer. I didn’t even venture into that zone on my jaunt around the farm yesterday.

These birds were checking out the box that was used by Tree Swallows last year. It’s hung on a repurposed utility pole near the old barn.

The next two pictures are the only two shots of the birds that were exploring another box in the west hay field.

The next birds were checking out a new box we put up at the end of last year’s season. It’s right at the pond’s edge in a place where I love to sit. I’m happy to see that it’s being considered by this pair. I saw them the first pass I took around the pond, but didn’t get pictures. Then, when I returned before sundown, I captured these images.

Bluebirds make me happy!

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