Ever since I was a kid growing up in northern Illinois, I was familiar with the summertime call of Red-winged Blackbirds. I named their song as a “trill-tweet.” I doubt that’s the official manner in which the bird experts refer to it. But, it works for me.

Yesterday, after weeks of being stuck watching birds through the windows, I ventured out on water-soaked, squishy soil to check out all the activity going on around the property. I was inspired to make the trip, even though there was a chance I would get the golf cart stuck in a mud puddle, because I saw a Red-winged blackbird fly across the yard outside my office windows.

Last autumn’s cattails at the edge of the pond

It was exciting to see so much activity, and when I was over by the pond, in particular, I saw and heard many Red-winged blackbirds flying from one branch to another, over to the now spent cattails at the water’s edge and also down on the mushy ground. Here are a few shots I captured.

While the sun moved closer to the horizon, I was also privy to a pair of Canada Geese that landed on the water in the golden hues of dusk.

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