The Meadowlarks have been singing for a week or so. During the breeding season, they tend to remain near their nests on the ground, which makes them difficult subjects to catch on film as they prefer the taller grasses of a meadow or hay field. But, now it’s time to sing a song of love to any bird that might hear, so I was able to capture one at the very top of a tree. Hearing Meadowlarks sign, for me, is a sign that Spring has arrived.

As a child I didn’t live where I could hear Meadowlarks singing. Rather, it was always an exciting moment to see the “first sign of spring.” This year, I saw my first Robins on Tuesday, March first. I like when I get a photo of Robins in a tree because they spend so much time on the lawn, hunting worms and grubs during the summer.

I think these next photos are so unusual with the bird nestled in the extremely long thorns of what I think is a type of locust tree.

Speaking of thorns, I also observed this male Northern Cardinal singing his heart out while nestled in another thorny tree. I suppose if you are going to be preoccupied with wooing a partner, you need to protect yourself from a hawk by keeping yourself secure. Smart bird.

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