House Hunting

A Bluebird couple continues to check out a new box we put up at the end of last season (near the pond where I like to hang out.) With Bluebirds it’s all about the gal. Her mate takes her around, showing her all the places he’s found as possible digs for the summer season, where she will build a nest, lay eggs and they will raise their brood. But, they don’t sign the lease until she enters the box and approves. That can take some time – and only happens after her prospective mate shows he knows how to find just the right place for their future family.

This guy was doing everything to woo his girl to the box – singing brilliantly, going in and out of the box, showing her all the possible approaches and perching spots that are nearby to oversee their home and to bring back meals for their chicks. He also spent quite a bit of time looking over his shoulder towards the pond as if to be saying, “Babe, we even have a water view!” All the while I saw his girl in a tree about 30 feet away acting very coy as if she expected far more from him. I could almost see her examining her nails and flicking her hair!

I’m hoping that the next time I get out there, I will see her with strands of grass in her beak as she constructs their nest. We teach a class all weekend, so I hope early next week to check back in on this couple.

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