Tossin’ one back

I have the privilege to watch a Belted Kingfisher hunting on our pond this afternoon. He would perch in a tree or large shrub about twenty to fifty feet above the water’s surface. He was scanning for a fish. When he spotted one, he would fly over the water then hover for many seconds – holding still in one place over the water – until he chose to dive directly down to nab the snack, or he would more often pull out of the dive and abort the mission. I would say that he was only successful a quarter of the time.

When he was, he took a little time to groom his beak across a branch. Then, he would catch sight of another opportunity and his neck would crane forward and he’d stare into the water making his decision about giving it a go.

When he was ready, he’d take off like a bomber.

Then, I got very lucky. I captured images of him tossing back a baby bass that he had nabbed!

It was a good day.

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