Sing it!

When I moved down to south-central Illinois from southern Wisconsin, I came to realize there were many bird species here that I had never seen up north. One such bird is the Brown Thrasher. I had never even heard of it. Looking at its range map, its summer breeding grounds go all the way up to the northern limits of Wisconsin. Still, I don’t recall having ever seen or heard of this species.

Here at our farm-gone-wild, we have a number of pair spread out around the property. There’s one pair that nests near a small group of ‘weed trees’ which have grown up along the Eastern fence line, but is otherwise a fairly open area. There’s another pair that I often seen at the far north end of the pond meadow where there’s a small stand of mature trees, including a massive dead oak that rests on a diagonal drop and seems to have created a little ecosystem that attracts many different species. And, there is the pair that I often see just west of the pond, in a minor hedge row that is unbrella-ed by a large Mulberry tree.

I believe this bird is the female of the north-pond pair. Her beak looks a bit dirty, due to the fact that they hunt worms much like Robins.

This next Brown Thrasher is clearly a male. He was singing his heart out in a weed-tree on the Eastern property fence line.

It was a blustery day when I encountered him, so this recording contains a lot of wind noise, but if you have never heard this species sing, it’s worth trying to filter out that noise.

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