Another WTF Moment

This nest box is located at the far northwest corner of our property. A Bluebird couple has been incubating and now is feeding chicks. I haven’t spent much time observing this pair because the box opening faces East. I typically can’t get out and about until later in the afternoon. With sun shining from the west, it hampers my chance to photograph because the back lighting tends to just wash out the figures into shadows.

However, I decided to go out the other day even though it was heavily overcast, because I was aching to see what was going on with all the birds. While the images weren’t stellar, they were actually better than had the sun been shining.

I have to admit that I didn’t even see the event that transpired, and that I put into comic strip format and posted below. I was so surprised to see what I can captured. I suppose I was just focusing on holding the camera still and watching through the LCD screen (which isn’t all that big for my old eyes.)

It’s not all that odd that another bird might consider perching on the top of the post associated with a nest box. I don’t know what sort of bird that was. But, REALLY? What is that tail-looking thing hanging down in image #5?

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