“Chirp” – not a bird

Norma’s puppies that were born March 19th, have all gone to their new homes… except one. All the puppies received Springtime names like Blossom, Robin, Tadpole and Rain. Puppy Chirp remains unspoken for at this time.

I am surprised I didn’t post this image to the blog that I created when the litter turned six weeks old – but I looked back and I failed to do so!

Could they be any cuter?

We raise these pups with the intention of producing prospective Service Dog candidates, but the pups are also placed as cherished pets. Typically, they are all reserved before they are ready to go home. So, I was surprised that the one pup – the one which caught my eye on the day he was born – is still here in my office with me.

This is “Chirp” and I am smitten with him. He’s a kind, curious, happy and brilliant boy!

A week ago the last two puppies went home, so Chirp has been adjusting to life without all his siblings for a few days. To keep him busy, I have decided to begin some baby Service Dog training – just the basics. As a family companion puppy, the training will be valuable to his new owners. Or, perhaps his destiny is to remain with us in training, and we’ll place him as a fully trained Service Dog in the future. I’m one who believes that some things happen for a reason, and perhaps time just needs to fly by a while longer for Chirp’s people (or person) to cross his path.

Here are a few short video clips of Chirp learning a few behaviors.

Video #1: Sit, shake and circle. The shake and circle can be used as SD tasks.

Video #2: Learning how to approach a person without jumping up is practiced daily.

Video #3: Beginning fun retrieve training.

One Comment on ““Chirp” – not a bird

  1. Adorable Tammie, great name Chirp. We had love bird’s once and their names were Cheap and Squack. Husband and I are English, Gordon and Irish Setter fans but we have never had an Irish one yet.

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