Carolina Golfer

I suspect that the warmer climate of the Carolinas draws more golfers than my mid-western location, but we seem to have a pair of Carolina Wrens that has an affinity to the sport of golf.

A couple of weeks ago my husband alerted me that there was a bird’s nest in the cavity of the dashboard of my golf cart. It’s a deep recess, and nearly impossible to see the nest – but he saw the parent birds entering. Since that time, we have used the golf cart out of necessity and pleasure and I always worried about the birds, but life must go on. I have a disability and the golf cart is critical transportation for me around our farm and my husband uses it for chores, like taking our trash to the dumpster at the end of our 175 foot driveway.

Not long ago, I began seeing the parents (Carolina Wrens) taking worms into the opening. I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t abandoned the nest and created a new one elsewhere with as many times, we had taken the cart from its position, sometimes for over two hours at a time. About five days ago, I took it away from it’s normal spot for nearly three hours. When I returned, just as I entered the yard I stopped briefly to check out a mulberry tree we planted last fall (it is FULL of fruit at just about 2.5 foot tall!). I was about twenty feet from the parking location. I heard little wing beats at the back of my neck, and then the flutter of the bird as it flew to the hood of the golf cart. She had a mouthful of worms. I asked her to patiently wait until I parked the vehicle and got out. She obliged because I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to get THAT close to me.

The cart typically sits next to my office patio deck. But, over the last weekend we had to move it to do work on that deck. During the two day long project, the cart sat over twelve feet and significantly askew from its normal spot. I was amazed how the birds instantly pivoted to tolerate the new situation. I watched them taking food to their chicks even when the cart was so far from its normal location.

Yesterday I got the time to sit out on the patio and captured a few photos of the birds as they flew in and out of the golf cart. At this time, I am trying to refrain from any use of the cart, and hoping the chicks fledge soon! With the frequency of the visits and the size of the worms and grubs they are taking to the chicks, I hope it won’t be long. It was not only very hot here, but it was also exceedingly windy. I caught some ‘bad hair day’ images as well as high-tail-rudder action from across the yard in response to the strong gusts.

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