Patio Tranquillity

The first DIY project we did when we moved into our new house (2017), we turned a 400 gallon poly tub (livestock water trough) into a patio pond. The aquatic plants help to keep the water clean for the fishes, that actually produce waste which supports the plants. This Spring we did a major rehab of the pond which had become overgrown with the water lily plants (their roots had nearly taken over all the swimming room for the fishes. And, the aquatic mint that I knew in the back of my head might outgrow their welcome, needed to be paired way-way back. Fortunately, the roots were just floating in the water and ‘pulling it out’ was a matter of just grabbing handfuls and removing them.

Now, I can see my fish again. They can see me, which is fun because they do learn to come and greet me when it’s time for breakfast!


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