Month: July 2022

A Handful of Hummers

This morning I went out to the patio to feed my goldfish and fill the nectar feeders for the hummingbirds. There were so many birds that I had to take a quick video. I have several feeders. There are three 16 oz size, a… Continue Reading “A Handful of Hummers”

A Sing-Off!

I have been hearing the song of a Blue Grosbeak nearly every time I go out looking around. This is a species that I ache to film. While I have a few decent pictures, none displays this handsome bird’s brilliance. I usually hear them… Continue Reading “A Sing-Off!”

The old “what flycatcher is this?” question

Two years ago, I filmed a little bird that was flitting back and forth in the mowed corridor between two over-grown sections on our property. It was then that I learned about the challenges faced when attempting to identify the species within the genus… Continue Reading “The old “what flycatcher is this?” question”

Second Brood Update

I can’t say for certain that the eggs I have spotted recently are a second brood for a specific pair of birds. But, it’s likely. All of the birds I had observed in our nest boxes fledged their chicks (or experienced a fatal blow… Continue Reading “Second Brood Update”

Meadow Song

Here are two powerful meadow-singers that are quite similarly marked. This Eastern Meadowlark (left) and a Dickcissel (right) are sharing a tree top to belt out their messages. Both of these birds spend a significant amount of their time vocalizing across the prairie. They… Continue Reading “Meadow Song”

Late July

The air is hot. Still, recent rain retains the greenness of the place. The red clover carpets the pastures, offering nectar to those which seek it. Black-eyed Susans burst proudly upwards towards the sun While butterflies flit about the wild flowers And fly catchers… Continue Reading “Late July”

Doin’ a little decorating

 This is a Dickcissel. It is a “grassland bunting,” generally speaking, but taxonomists struggle to determine it’s closest relative. All About Birds website sites that it’s currently in the same family as the Northern Cardinal. However, “In the past, it has been placed in… Continue Reading “Doin’ a little decorating”

Three Little Birds?

It was very close to sunset. I suspect it may have actually been several minutes after the sun dropped below the horizon. I was on my way back home when, about 200 feet directly ahead of me, I spotted three little birds on a… Continue Reading “Three Little Birds?”

The Morning After a Storm

In mid-June we experienced what was as close to a tornado without being one since we moved here twenty-one years ago. Many trees that were toppled by the sheer winds, including one of our four Ponderosa pines. It wasn’t just the trees that were… Continue Reading “The Morning After a Storm”

The Neighborhoods

Our fifty acres is almost a square, and ends up having a perimeter that’s about a quarter mile on each of the four sides. Depending upon your perspective, that may seem large or insignificant in size. When we moved here from a seven acre… Continue Reading “The Neighborhoods”